We are a locally and independently owned Japanese restaurant serving authentic Japanese cuisine. Our head chef is an ITAMAE who was traditionally trained in Japan.

We are very excited to share the unique Japanese food culture in Prescott, AZ. Sushi is the most recognized Japanese food globally, but there are many other dishes and cooking techniques that bring out the umami in the ingredients while Japanese chefs show appreciation and respect for the food and the people.

"To drift like clouds and flow like water."

UNSUI(雲水)literally translates to cloud and water. In Japan, trainees of Zen monk are often called UNSUI san. They are called so because the Zen trainees attempt to think and act freely through their life without constraints and limitations of attachment, just like free-floating clouds and flowing water.

This Japanese restaurant is named UNSUI in order to remind myself to be mindful and focus on the present moment without bias, inflexibility, obstinacy and so on, just like UNSUI san.